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  • Midday Thoughts: Editing Copland, Part 2

    Critical editions offer so much more than just the notated score. Explore what makes these editions unique with Jennifer DeLapp-Birkett as she walks us through her MUSA edition of Appalachian Spring.

  • Midday Thoughts: Summer Break

    We’ll be taking a break from our regular monthly series for the summer. In the meantime, enjoy one of our first Midday Thoughts on how Copland’s music has transcended genre boundaries for decades.

  • Midday Thoughts: Copland on Being American, Part 1

    Aaron Copland was never just a composer; he was always an *American* composer. But what did that label mean to him? Read on in the first of a two-part examination of Copland's best known statements on the topic.

  • Midday Thoughts: Which Appalachian Spring? An Audiophile’s Guide

    Building on last month's article on the versions of *Appalachian Spring*, here are some of the most iconic and well-loved recordings of the work in all of its forms.

  • Midday Thoughts: The Many Versions of Appalachian Spring

    Over a handful of decades, Copland's *Appalachian Spring* went through a series of reworkings, resulting in an often confusing variety of versions. Read on to untangle the history behind one of Copland's most iconic works.

  • Announcing Midday Thoughts

    Join us for our new series, *Midday Thoughts: musings about, around, and related to Copland and his music,* featuring musicologist Jennifer DeLapp-Birkett.

  • Midday Thoughts: Crossover Copland

    From jazz to the concert hall to the big screen and beyond, Copland easily crossed genre boundaries throughout his career. Even today, his music continues to reflect this crossover spirit through unexpected arrangements, …

  • New Appalachian Spring Edition Wins Musicology Award

    The 2020 MUSA Edition of *Appalachian Spring*, edited by Jennifer DeLapp-Birkett and Aaron Sherber, was awarded this year’s Claude V. Palisca Award from the American Musicological Society.

  • Copland at Home

    As orchestras find new ways to share and connect with audiences remotely, here are some of their latest offerings featuring classic Copland works.

  • Appalachian Spring at 75: Then and Now

    To mark the 75th year anniversary of Aaron Copland and Martha Graham's Appalachian Spring this Fall, we take a look at the history of the ballet and what's to come.

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  • Simple Gifts (for saxophone quartet) (2009)


    Published with Three Excerpts from “Our Town,” Paul Cohen’s Simple Gifts is an arrangement of Copland’s Variations on a Shaker Melody for saxophone quartet.

  • Variations On A Shaker Melody (for piano four-hands) (1985)


    Bennett Lerner arranged Copland's Variations On A Shaker Melody from Appalachian Spring for piano four-hands in 1985. The arrangement is available from Boosey & Hawkes.

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  • Selected Bibliographies


    Select works written by and about Aaron Copland, compiled by Jennifer DeLapp-Birkett.