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  • The Promise of Living (1954)


    Extracted directly from Copland’s opera, the Tender Land, The Promise of Living can be performed as a concert work for mixed chorus (SATBB) and orchestra.

  • The Red Pony (suite) (1948)


    Though the film was not a commercial success, Copland arranged parts of his score to The Red Pony into a concert suite for the Houston Symphony Orchestra.

  • Stomp Your Foot (1954)


    Stomp Your Foot for chorus and orchestra was excerpted directly from Copland’s opera, the Tender Land. Copland made two chorus arrangements for SATB and TTBB.

  • The Tender Land (1952–54, rev. 1955)


    Erik Johns as Horace Everett wrote the libretto for Copland’s opera, The Tender Land. Jerome Robbins directed the original, and the final revision was done in 1955.