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New MUSA Edition: Appalachian Spring

The 75th anniversary celebration of Appalachian Spring continues with the highly anticipated release of the new critical edition from MUSA (Music of the United States of America). Edited by Jennifer DeLapp-Birkett and Aaron Sherber, this edition presents the first completed engraving of Copland’s original ballet score for 13 instruments. Throughout the score, stills from the 1958 film recording of the ballet with Martha Graham highlight the connections between Graham’s choreography and Copland’s score in a new and informative way. Other features include an introductory essay on the work and its history, critical commentary on editorial decisions, and appendices with further historic comparisons and a selected discography.

This MUSA edition is also the first to have a companion website. Full of additional resources, the site links to documents, photos, recordings, and more for a deeper look into the history of Appalachian Spring. A page is dedicated to further readings online, and should there be any issues found in the printed score, a page for the errata list is ready to be updated.

This edition can now be purchased from A-R Editions at the link below. For more about Jennifer DeLapp-Birkett and Aaron Sherber, visit the edition companion site here.

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