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A Celebration of American Composers


  • Feb 6th, 2021 7:30 pm


[Online Event]


Soloist: Chelsea Laggan, mezzo soprano
Performers: Academy of Vocal Arts; Luke Housner, piano



  • COPLAND Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson (selections)
    • Why do they shut me out of Heaven?
    • The world feels dusty
    • Heart, we will forget him
    • When they come back
    • I felt a funeral in my brain
    • I’ve heard an organ talk sometimes
  • IVES (selections)
    • In the Alley
    • An Old Flame
    • Charlie Rutlage
    • Songs my mother taught me
    • The Children’s Hour
    • Circus Band
  • MENOTTI Five Songs
    • The Eternal Prisoner
    • The Idle Gift
    • The Longest Wait
    • My Ghost
    • The Swing
  • BOWLES Blue Mountain Ballads
    • Heavenly Grass
    • Lonesome Man
    • Cabin
    • Sugar in the Cane
  • HUNDLEY Sweet Suffolk Owl
  • SHAW The Nightingale
  • SCHEER Holding Each Other
  • BARBER Three Songs, op. 45
    • Now have I fed and eaten up the rose
    • A Green Lowland of Pianos
    • O Boundless, Boundless Evening